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Rose by Rami Ungar

Genre: Fantasy Horror

“I’m not that kind of god.”

Don’t let that fantastically beautiful cover fool you. This is a horror novel. Of the terrifying variety.

You see, Rose wakes up in a greenhouse. As a flower. A giant human flower. And the man who turned her into one to save her life is, of course, not who he claims to be.

Most horror novels are very tropey and predictable. Not. This. One. Holy plot twist. Now, I’ll admit, Paris doesn’t seem right from the start. That part is predictable. But don’t expect what happens next, because you’ll be surprised as hell!

It seems strange at first that Rose isn’t more thrown off by the fact that she’s bloody freaking green. But soon she has MUCH bigger problems. In the form of an abusive boyfriend. Psycho, to be more exact. So if that kind of thing bothers you too much to read, INSERT TRIGGER WARNING HERE. I am not personally triggered by this, but it was terrifying for me to read.

This is the kind of book that you yell at, like a movie, “NO, don’t run up the stairs, run out the door!“ Rose isn’t a dumb blonde (actually she’s a pretty smart hot pink,) but there were times in the book that I was squirming around in my chair in suspense.

4/5, this one gave me nightmares!

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