Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

ISBN: 978-1250313195

Publisher: Tor (September 10, 2019)

Genre: YA fantasy/sci-fi

She held out the key to Gideon. "Put it in the hole, Griddle."

"That's what she said," said Gideon.

Necromancers and space ships and swordfighting, oh my!

Gideon is a damned good swordswoman. That's literally the only reason Harrow needs her. In order to become an immortal and all-powerful Necromancer servant of the emperor, and in so doing save her house, she must have a cavalier. Eight houses from eight planets, eight necromancers, eight cavaliers. And an unknown number of trials to win.

The only problem (well, at least the most pressing one) is that Harrow and Gideon are mortal enemies. A cavalier should be a necromancer's shadow. They should know each others' every move, every mannerism, should be able to communicate with a look. So not only must Harrow and Gideon NOT kill each other, but they must also fake it till they make it.

I absolutely loved Gideon. First, what a badass name. Her attitude is stunning. And with the sunglasses, I picture her as a kind of female Crowley (via Good Omens.) I actually like Harrow, though I don't think I'm supposed to at first. She's an entire asshat, but she's just trying to hold her house together, and I find her strangely intriguing. You know how I am with a morally ambiguous character. These women are definitely that.

I'll admit that the book starts off a bit slow. I found myself a third of the way through without fully understanding what was going on. And it took quite a while into the book though to make me fully understand WHY Gideon hates Harrow so much. And why Harrow hates her. It's coming, I promise. (Shit really starts to get real around Chapter 24.) But it picked up after that, so I was happy that I stuck with it. If you're into the enemies to friends trope, you'll love this one.

At first I thought this would be an action book, with all of the swords and necromancy and such. But it's really more of a murder mystery, just a really sci-fi gothic whodunnit.

What I liked the most about this book was the language. Tamsyn Muir managed to patch together sci-fi, gothic fantasy, and modern lingo. It's hilarious and relatable and fun. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"Thanks for backing me up, my midnight hagette," said Gideon, placing her back down.....Gideon belatedly wished to be exploded, but reminded herself to act cool. "I appreciate it, my crepuscular queen."

It's almost physically painful for them to be nice to each other.

"Nav, show them what the Ninth House does." Gideon lifted her sword... "We do bones, motherfucker."

Hell yes they do.

The last thing I'll say here is, that ending. It's going to catch you off guard hard core. Be prepared. My exact words upon finishing were, "you must be FUCKING KIDDING ME!" *throws book across the room*

5/5, any book I throw gets an automatic 5 stars. (I've told you before, my blog, my rating system!)

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