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The Whole Shebang


I am an avid reader of a lot of sci-fi and fantasy and a little of almost everything else. I'm a self-proclaimed book influencer, proud nerd, aspiring writer and chaotic collector. My goal in life is to have a family book club with my kids. Readers, authors, and publishers alike, ENTER IF YOU DARE. I'm a bit of a weirdo!


For Readers

I run an online, introverted, casual book club called the Genre Sluts, since we can't and won't stay monogamous with a single genre! It's on Discord, and we'd love for you to join. There's never an obligation to read the book, and we hide spoilers with a nifty little Discord feature, so if you get behind no worries. I'd love for you to follow my social media pages, and always want to hear your honest opinions about every book I post about!

For Authors/Publishers

I would love to read every ARC I am offered! But sadly I am human and not a ghost with unlimited reading time spending my afterlife haunting a library. Before you consider me as a reviewer, remember that The Consumer Review Fairness Act makes it illegal to threaten or penalize people for posting honest reviews. I'm blunt AF so if you only want the reviewer who never leaves less than 3 stars, I'm not your spicy bag of potato chips! My favorite genres include space opera and dystopian sci-fi, and I adore audiobooks and comics. 


For Brands

I would love to try out your product and post about it! I am also a busy mom of three and request fair compensation for my work promoting your product. It costs time and money to run a website and multiple platforms of social media! All promotions I perform will require a contract for the protection of both parties. I only promote what I like and will never make false claims about a product. Please do your research and review my social media pages before selecting me as an influencer. Thank you for your interest!

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