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SkyHunter by Marie Lu

Publisher/date: Roaring Brook Press (September 29, 2020)

Genre: YA Dystopian Sci-fi

Series: Skyhunter

Rating: T (gore - though it's not too bad so I'm leaning toward a mature MG too)

Loyalty is life.

Talin is a rat. An unwelcome refugee in Marin, she fights her way into the Strikers, where she is unwanted but needed.

You see, the Federation has created zombies to break the lines of defense of Marin. Her squadron of Strikers is tasked with keeping the zombie population in check, killing as many of the hard to kill abominations as possible.

So futuristic apocalyptical dystopian story with a badass female heroine? And did I mention she's mute?

If you're not in already, there's an enemies to lovers trope deeply woven into the story as well. With interesting supporting characters that we're begging the author not to kill off. And a mom who's not overprotective of Talin, but is instead exactly where she gets her badassery from.

All the makings of a book I'll most certainly love.

Now - there was some faulty logic in the book that distracted me.

*SPOILER ALERT* scroll past italics to get past the spoilers!

When they test the blood of the zombies and our dear Skyhunter himself, their scientific experiment makes no sense at all. I'm not a phlebotomist or anything, but a little bit more sciencey explanation would have helped make this part more believable. And the Senate's logic that their efforts with the Skyhunter would make the Federation leave them alone because they're now more capable of defending themselves didn't make any sense either. It would just make them more of a threat.

This has all the makings of a really great series. I will most certainly be reading the next one. I have heroes I like, villains I hate, an interesting world it's all set in, and wings. What more can I say?

4/5 highly recommend

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