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I have a hard time keeping track of all the gifts that need to be bought over the holidays. I try to shop throughout the year and buy things as I see them, but then I have to try to remember who I've already bought for, what I've bought for's a lot. So I keep this list.


Every year I start by filling out what I bought that person last year. This makes sure that I've got the complete list of everyone I need to buy for, and gives me an idea of what to get them this year. If I get an idea for something I want to purchase or make, I fill that in when I think of it, and there's a handy "bought" checklist for when I actually have the item. I also do a check box for "wrapped" to make sure I've found all the things I've stashed in my house and I'm not scrambling at the last minute for something I just know I've gotten but can't find!


I hope this helps you keep a bit more of your sanity throughout the holidays. (And FYI - I have a totally seperate list for my household, because there are multiple gifts per child, stocking stuffers, etc. Please check it out!)

Holiday Gift List

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