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Supernova Era by Cixin Liu

Publisher: Tor Books (October 22, 2019)

Genre: Sci-fi

"The future's so cool I can't decide. But whatever I do, I want to be the best!"

Through a cosmic disaster, children 13 and under inherit the earth.

The adults are dying of radiation poisoning. They have 1 year to prepare the children. So everyone takes their kids to work and trains them, from teachers to fighter pilots. The children shall continue the world as it was before.

But once the adults are gone, the children discover that basic human psychology will not allow them to continue as the adults did. Who wants to go to school and work all day with no play? Certainly not the majority of the new workforce, who are between 5 and 10. But they must endure. What kind of world can they make when they are all just kids?

As a mother myself, this beats the hell out of any old horror novel. Children under 13 running the world? Operating nuclear plants? Policing the streets? RUNNING THE MILITARY? My blood runs cold just thinking about it. I was instantly enthralled by the very unique premise of this book. A Dystopian Lord of the Flies.

The writing was just perfection. I never had to wonder what the writer meant, it's all very clear without being bogged down with way too many sci-fi imagery details, which TBH sometimes ruin this genre for me. I want futuristic, but I'm not a mechanic or a scientist, so sometimes I find the long explanations of the future technology detract from the story. Not here. It is the perfect balance of what and why, without so much of the how that I forget what was happening when the description started.

I wasn’t thrilled with the ending, but mainly because I wanted more. The premise of this story is so strange, the uniqueness of the plot kept me riveted. There were some things I wish the author would have addressed that nagged at me through out the book, such as what about siblings? What about mass PTSD, which should have been inevitable with an entire world of children abandoned.

3 starts, good writing and interesting story, would not reread.

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