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Stephen King Hodder UK Paperbacks "Kingbows"

Updated: 4 days ago

These rainbow Stephen Kings (oxymoron amiright?) were published in 2007-2008 by Hodder UK, and while you can still find them, the condition is almost never as advertised! And this is coming from someone who has ordered a lot of "Very Good" condition paperbacks. So while my collection is not up to my usual par, I'm still working on it because I love these! (So not all of them are pictured because I don't yet have a complete set...YET!) Here is a roundup of all the titles I've been able to come up with, let me know if you see any I'm missing.

*Hint: Some of these have a white spine with the title lettering matching the cover. I'll star these for you!

The Bachman Books 9780340952252

Bag of Bones 9780340951422

Black House 9780007100446

Blaze* 9780340952245

Carrie 9780340951415

Cell* 9780340921531

Christine 9780340951408

Cujo 9780340952702

The Dark Half 9780340952610

The Dead Zone 9780340952689

Desperation 9780340952658

Different Seasons 9780340952603

Dolores Claiborne 9780340952634

Dreamcatcher 9780340952405

Duma Key* 9780340978030 (For some reason this one is taller than the others!)

Duma Key* 9780340952214

Everything's Eventual 9780340952597 (purple)

Everything's Eventual 1408 9780340952061 (red)

The Eyes of the Dragon 9780340952726

Firestarter 9780340952696

Four Past Midnight 9780340952757

From a Buick 8 9780340952665

Gerald's Game 9780340952771

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon 9780340952382

Hearts in Atlantis 9780340952399

Insomnia 9780340952795

IT 9780340951453

Just After Sunset 9780340977187

Lisey's Story* 9780340898956 (This one has a butterfly in place of the Hodder H on the spine!)

Misery 9780340951439

The Mist (Skeleton Crew) 9780340952054

Needful Things 9780340952764

Night Shift 9780340952672

Nightmares and Dreamscapes 9780340952788

Pet Sematary 9780340951460

The Regulators 9780340952276

Rose Madder 9780340952641

The Running Man 9780340952283

Salem's Lot* 9780340951477

The Shining 9780340951392

Skeleton Crew 9780340952627

The Stand 9780340951446

Stephen King Goes to the Movies 9780340980309

The Talisman 9780340952719

Thinner 9780340952269

The Tommyknockers 9780340952733


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