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Soul Bound by A.J. Flowers

Publisher: Independently published (May 26, 2018)

Genre: Fantasy Saga

Series: Dweller Saga Book 1


Never play with your food. That's the golden rule when you're a Dweller and you feed on human souls, but what happens when Thane must ally himself with one of the most ancient and powerful human souls of all?

His goddess isn't pleased. Thane was supposed to kill Rochner, a rival god, and return scarce resources to her dark realm. When the assassination attempt goes terribly wrong Thane finds himself dead, once again, and his soul flung into the tunnels beneath Amoura. He latches onto the only soul strong enough to make sure he survives.

By chapter 7 of this book, I was still not sure what it was about. I knew the characters, and the world building made sense, but the end goal for the protagonist was not clear, as it well should be in a Saga. I was not sure if the goal was still for Thane to kill Rochner, or whether he was just trying to stay alive until he was reincarnated again. Or if there was another goal in mind.

Jakob, Thane's host, immediately hates him (as anyone would a parasite) and somewhere about Chapter 8 he suddenly trusts him. There didn't seem to be a build-up to this, one small event where Thane preserved him did it. But it wasn't significant enough. Jakob still should have held on to some of that well-earned mistrust. It came out of left field for me.

There was a cliffhanger, which I always love. But the way it was delivered didn't do it for me. It was received in bits and pieces, and never brought all together in one clear and concise "cliff." That made it a bit watered down and not so exciting.

2 stars, this one was not for me, but the writing was quality. I felt that the author had a good story in their head, and I just didn't get it all on paper. It could be chalked up to the fact that this is a saga, but the ending was not really an ending, nothing was worked out, no small piece of the story was completed.

***I was sent this audiobook by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

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