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Ren: God's Little Monster by Sarah Noffke

Publisher/date: One-Twenty-Six Press (March 7, 2017)

Genre: Psychological fantasy thriller

Series: Book 2, A Dream Traveler Saga

Holy cliffhanger!

I love this series more and more. Ren’s personality is somehow both repulsively egotistical, and endearing at the same time. I grow to like him more and more as I read the series. And Sarah Noffke's writing gets better and better as it goes along. I adore watching writers grow, almost as much as I adore watching their characters grow!

In this one, Ren is trying to find a Blocker, a dream traveler he has not run across before. A person who can somehow block the vision of their seers. This blocker keeps kidnapping people in sets, one dream traveler, and one person they know.

Simultaneously he is on a personal growth quest. Well, quest would seem to imply that he is willing, which he most certainly is NOT. And I can't tell you too much more without ruining the enormous mountain of a surprise in this book. The one at the beginning. Not the one at the end. See, these books are so full of surprises!

Let's talk about the one at the end. Sarah committed my #1 cardinal sin of books, which is not completing the storyline for book 2 within book 2. Ren does not catch this book's bad guy. Now, the first book was a complete story. This one ended in a cliffhanger that actually has nothing to do with the blocker. Without reading the next book (I will but haven't started it yet so I don't mix up the plots!), I think that he should have caught the blocker in this book. And then the cliffhanger would be a nice segue into the next one!

If you've read my blogs or Instagram posts before, you know that I highly dislike this practice, because it means you are absolutely forced to buy the next book. BUT. It is usually a practice used to rope readers into buying more shite books from shoddy writers whose only recommendation for a next book is that most of us, no matter the quality of the story, cannot handle not knowing how it ends. Maybe its just me, but I don't think so! This is not the case here though. Sarah is an excellent writer and has no need to use these tactics. Sarah, I love you and your books! Please forgive me for writing anything negative, but the integrity of my reviews must be preserved!!!

4 Stars, I enjoyed it so much it should have been a 5, but knocked off 1 star for violating my personal cardinal sin of books. HOWEVER. You can get the WHOLE SET on Audible or Kindle (free if you have Kindle Unlimited) for the price of one book, so I mean, I suppose I can forgive it! Just this once! ONLY FOR YOU SARAH!

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