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Lost Gods by Brom

Publisher: Harper Voyager (October 25, 2016)

I am a big fan of Dante's Inferno. It's deep and dark and terrifying in all the best ways. But the prose can get tiresome to talk myself into a reread. So when Audible recommended this book for me, I listened to it.

Summary: Chet goes back to his grandmother after years apart to find sanctuary for the mother of his unborn child after escaping from her father and a planned adoption.  But his grandmother is not what she seems.  Strange things begin to happen and she claims she is a good witch.  But they find out that she is a Lilith, an ancient creature who feeds on her own children.  How will Chet stop her from feeding on his? Especially when he's, you guessed it, dead.

The author paints an interesting picture of purgatory in this book. A land ruled by ancient gods (with a lower case g) and men, where souls go when they aren't ready to move on. A second chance, one could say, at life. But many people, and gods, will try to stop Chet on his way to find the one person who can save his child from a fate worse than death. He goes on a quest fraught with perils that only a hellscape can produce.

This book is a cross between Dante's Inferno and The Hobbit. An ancient quest, souls he meets who will either hurt him or encumber him along the way, and an entire world painted in brown and gray, with death magic and a little mythology thrown in.

Brom is actually an artist, and his art is as dark and beautiful as his storytelling, so I plan to pick up a hardcover of this book because I've heard that the illustrations are amazing!

4/5, would definitely listen to this story again.

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