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Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco

Publisher/date: jimmy patterson (October 27, 2020)

Genre: YA

Series: Kingdom of the Wicked, Book 1

Rating: T (romance, no sex)

"Why do villains always wear black?"

"Better to hide the blood with, witch."

When Emilia's twin is murdered, she goes down the path of darkness to find her vengeance.

Really, that's the whole book. Some witty banter between enemies to lovers...just so.

Bottom line? The story is good. It's unpredictable in plot, though the enemies to lovers thing is glaringly obvious from the beginning. It truly is difficult for a person like me to NOT be able to predict exactly what will happen next. But I just did not buy the dynamic between Emilia and Wrath. I can’t put my finger on it, but their dialogue doesn’t always make sense. She beats him too easily in conversation and it seems too contrived. Like the author is desperately trying to sell the enemies to lovers trope. And she almost does...almost. Just not quite.

It occurred to me while reading this that just once I’d like to read about a witch human male that meets a badass female who knows SHE is the most lethal predator in the room. Just once. Maybe I’ll write that book. One day. But I digress.

I really think the book just needed a better edit. There seem to be scenes that have either been eviscerated, or were never properly hashed out. Things that happen so quick I had to go back and reread to make sure I didn’t miss something because it happened without enough description. Every action scene lacks enough detail to make me invested in it, to be captivated by it. If anyone ever wants me to edit a book, please! I will! It destroys me to see such potential that just doesn't quite make par.

And in the end it was terribly unsatisfactory. This book breaks my cardinal rule of a series book. I don’t mind ending on a cliffhanger, but no part of this story is complete. This book is short because it is not it’s own story. It cannot stand alone and should not be sold alone. Bleh.

3/5, massively overhyped and underedited. But with enormous potential. Someone please send me the next one to edit and not to review!!!

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