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Jane Austen Larvae Editions

Larvae Editions, who came up with that?! It's an awful name for such a pretty set of books. I've seen lots and lots of Austen sets, but very few complete collections of her entire works. You can find this set of 9 on Amazon. It's a great reading set, and the covers are still pretty enough for collectors!

Emma (Volume 1) ISBN-13: 978-1727079258

Lady Susan (Volume 2) ISBN-13: 978-1727079395

Love and Friendship: and Other Early Works (Volume 3) ISBN-13: 978-1727080247

Mansfield Park (Volume 4) ISBN-13: 978-1727081947

Northanger Abbey (Volume 5) ISBN-13: 978-1727082395

Persuasion (Volume 6) ISBN-13: 978-1727117202

Pride and Prejudice (Volume 7) ISBN-13: 978-1727118872

Sense and Sensibility (Volume 8) ISBN-13: 978-1727119497

The Letters of Jane Austen (Volume 9) ISBN-13: 978-1727120448

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