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Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Hello Friends!

I have mentioned on Booktok many times my everlasting love for the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. If you're a paranormal romance reader, this is one of the best series out there in my opinion. I've jokingly called my tiktok page the "unofficial fan page" for the series, and I recently realized that for all my talking about it, I didn't actually have anything posted on my blog about it because I read the series long before I had a blog. I'm correcting that now!

A special announcement: I got picked to be on Kresley's ARC team, so I will be reading Munro early and will be ready to dish alllll the details!

There is a ton of info out there, but I'll try to post all the most helpful info here. Click the links to what you want to see:

Book Summaries (Spoilers!)


1 - The Warlord Wants Forever : Nikolai Wroth and Myst the Coveted novella (also available in Blood Red Kiss and Playing Easy to Get)

2 - A Hunger Like No Other : Lachlain MacRieve and Emmaline Troy

3 - No Rest For the Wicked : Sebastian Wroth and Kaderin the Cold-Hearted

4 - Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night : Bowen MacRieve and Mariketa the Awaited

5 - Dark Needs at Night’s Edge : Conrad Wroth and Naomi Laress

6 - Dark Desires After Dusk : Cadeon Woede and Holly Ashwin

7 - Kiss of a Demon King : Rydstrom Woede and Sabine, Queen of Illusions

8 - Untouchable : Murdoch Wroth and Daniela the Ice Maiden (available in paperback as Deep Kiss of Winter)

9 - Pleasure of a Dark Prince : Garreth MacRieve and Lucia the Huntress

10 - Demon From the Dark : Malcolm Slaine and Carrow Graie

11 - Dreams of a Dark Warrior : Declan Chase and Regin the Radiant

12 - Lothaire : Lothaire Daciano and Elizabeth Peirce

13 - Shadow’s Claim : Trehan Daciano and Princess Bettina of Abaddon

14 - MacRieve : Uilleam MacRieve and Chloe Todd

15 - Dark Skye : Thronos Talos and Melanthe, Queen of Persuasions

16 - Sweet Ruin : Rune the Banesblood and Josephine

17 - Shadow’s Seduction : Mirceo Daciano and Caspion the Tracker novella

18 - Wicked Abyss : Abyssian Infernas and Calliope of Sylvan

19 - Munro : Munro MacRieve and Kereny


This is a spoiler free zone so you can get the definitions of these characters in the front of any of the IAD full-length novels - that includes ebooks!

Main Characters






Hybrids - species of mixed blood











Side Characters

Ghouls - maniacal fighters out to increase their numbers by turning humans with their contagious bites and scratches

Kobold- a type of ground-dwelling gnome,only appeared wholesome and kindly—until they turned into ravening, reptilian predators who sprang from the ground as they hunted in packs.

Vrekeners - winged avengers, demonic angels with double horns

Invidia - female embodiments of discordwith their wild antler headdresses, whips on their belts, and star patterns over their nipples—

Undines, evil nymphs with paint dusted bodies

Libitinae, four raven-winged bringers of death,

Inferi—literally “those who dwell below.”

Ogres - large, hideous, man-like being that eats ordinary human beings

Teegloths were attacking, grotesque half-man, half-beast beings with protruding bottom fangs and reptilian skin.

Icere - Arctic Vikings

Nïx's T-shirts

Nïx seems to constantly wear hilarious t-shirts, so I've highlighted them here. As always, let me know if I missed one!

"I play with my prey." -No Rest for the Wicked

"It'll only hurt for a second. Promise..." -Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night

"Keep me separated." -Dark Desires After Dusk

Heels Tall . . . Bikini Small.” - Kiss of a Demon King

"BORN TO BLOSSOM, BLOOM TO PERISH—G.S." - Kiss of a Demon King

"Jedi Kitty" - Deep Kiss of Winter

"Carpe Noctem" - Demon from the Dark

"VALKYRIE" (with an arrow pointing up at her face) - Dreams of a Dark Warrior

"I lost my heart on Immortal Island" - Dreams of a Dark Warrior AND Dark Skye

"Why can't we be friends?" (all the other shirts were black but this one is pink) - Lothaire

"PRINCE OF SHADOW #1" - Shadow's Claim

"S L U T (Sexually Liberated Uninhibited Tart)" in neon pink - MacRieve


This document is only for the folks who've already read the books. I'm going to include a quick plot summary for each book so that if you want to jump right back into Munro, you don't have to reread the entire series (unless you want to!) I'm rereading the series now to pick up on all the details and will update this page as I go. 19 books in 2 months? I got this 😨 I originally had all of this on my page, but it became so large it pretty much crashed my Wix!


This is the complete list, and it's an absolute metric lore-ton of characters! If you're wanting a short quick-reference, I made a printable bookmark with a quickref list! The image is below but you can download it here.

  • Abyssian “Sian” Infernas – Demon King of Pandemonia; a Primordial, one of the Morior

  • Adham “Silt” Harea – Sorceri King of Sand

  • Aidan the Fierce (see Declan Chase) – reincarnated Berserker

  • Ailis MacRieve – Lykae mother of Uilleam and Munro, mate of Dughlas MacRieve

  • Acton – Storm Demon, first boyfriend of Mariketa the Awaited

  • Alecta the Unyielding – leader of the Furies

  • Aleksander – Estonian Forbearer loyal to the Wroths

  • Allixta – Primordial Overlady of Witches, one of the Morior, can neutralize magic

  • Alyson “Aly” Woede – Valkyrie/Rage Demon youngest twin daughter of Cadeon Woede and Holly Ashwin, still an infant, able to trace

  • Amanda – Witch cousin of Carrow Graie, killed by The Order when her daughter Ruby was kidnapped

  • Angus MacRieve – Lykae father of Bowen MacRieve, mistrusts Witches

  • Annika – Valkyrie foster-mother to Emmaline Troy, temporary leader of the Valkyries after Furie was captured

  • Aristo Talos –former king of the Vrekeners, brother of Thronos Talos

  • Asmodel – Demon an exiled criminal sent to the plane of Oblivion

  • Atalanta – Valkyrie from the New Zealand coven

  • Bagatur the Battle Crafter, leader of the Three Century Rebellion in the Quandimi realm

  • Balery (The Hag) – Fey Oracle with lethal skin

  • Belee - witch who puts Chloe Todd up for bid to the Lore after she is kidnapped

  • Benjamin Rossiter – Human passenger aboard the Contessa with Garreth MacRieve and Lucia the Huntress

  • Benneit – Lykae who cannot control his beast, taken in by Munro

  • Bettina, Princess – Demon/Sorceri in line to be ruler of the demon realm of Abaddon

  • Birgit – Human serving wench in the hall of Aidan the Fierce

  • Blace – Primordial Vampire, one of the Morior, the first Vampire

  • Bowen MacRieve - "Bowen the Bitter" third in line for the Lykae throne

  • Brandr the True – Berserker and loyal friend to Aidan the Fierce

  • Mr. Brayden - adopted father of Thaddeus Brayden, deceased

  • Mrs. Brayden - adopted mother of Thaddeus Brayden, deceased

  • Brianna Woede - Valkyrie/Rage Demon, infant child of Cadeon and Holly, able to trace

  • Brook - Water nymph

  • Cadeon Woede – Rage Demon, Cadeon the Kingmaker, can take any throne but the one lost by his brother Rydstrom

  • Cadmus – Vrekener General Knight of War

  • Calder Vincente - right hand man of Declan Chase

  • Caliban – leader of the Ferine Demons

  • Calliope “Lila” of Sylvan – Fey Princess, lives as a human

  • Cara the Fair – younger twin sister of the Valkyrie Queen, Furie, guardian of a human male named Michael

  • Carrow Graie – Carrow the Incarcerated, three caste Witch

  • Caspion the Tracker – Death Demon, bounty hunter of Abbadon

  • Cassandra – Lykae who has unsuccessfully pursued Lachlain MacRieve

  • Charlie Ambos – Human deck hand aboard the Contessa

  • Chloe Todd – Human/Succubus who does not know she is part succubus

  • Clarence Schecter – Human passenger aboard the Contessa

  • Colm Chase – Human brother of Declan Chase, deceased

  • Conrad Wroth – Estonian Vampire, Forebearer, former vampire hunter/monk

  • Crom Cruach – God of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism

  • Dalliance “Dalli” – Nymph, long time friend of Rune Darklight

  • Daniela the Ice Maiden – Valkyrie, thrives only in extreme cold, cannot be touched by any but her own people without suffering extreme pain

  • Darach Lyka – Primordial Lykae, the first werewolf

  • Dasha – Valkyrie, full-blooded triplet sister of Kaderin and Rika, killed by a vampire on the battlefield 1000 years ago

  • Davis – Human former teenaged boyfriend of Elizabeth Peirce

  • Declan Chase – Berserker, reincarnate of Aidan the Fierce

  • Dehlia – Succubus, a hunter of exiled Succubae

  • Demestriu – King of the Vampire Horde

  • Demyan - Estonian Forbearer killed and turned in the same battle that killed the Wroth brothers

  • Deshazior – Storm Demon, a former pirate and ally of the Valkyrie, transporter

  • King Devel - former Primordial Demon and ruler of Panemonia

  • Dew - Water nymph

  • Dughlas MacRieve - father of Uilleam and Munro MacRieve, deceased

  • Durinda – Rage Demoness, lady in waiting to Woede sisters

  • Eleara – Sorceri mother of Princess Bettina of the Deathly Ones, deceased

  • Elianna – Witch mentor of Mariketa the Awaited

  • Elisabet – Sorceri, mother of Melanthe, Sabine, and Omort the Deathless, deceased

  • Elizabeth “Ellie” Ann Peirce - human who spent 5 years on death row for crimes committed by Saroya

  • Ember, Queen of Flames - rumored long-time lover of Portia, Queen of Stone

  • Emmaline Troy – Half Vampire /half Valkyrie "Emma the Timid"

  • Ephraim Peirce – Human, Ellie's uncle

  • Erol - owner of Lore bar

  • Fegley - Warden of The Order prison

  • Felix the Duplicator – Sorcerer of lies

  • Fiore – Succubus, a legendary hunter charged with tracking and executing exiled Succubae, deceased

  • Folly - rogue Valkyrie and arch nemesis of Regin

  • Freya - Goddess of the Valkyrie, fey

  • Furie - Queen of the Valkyrie, chained at the bottom of the ocean for 50 years by the Vampire Horde to eternally drown and be brought back to life by her immortality

  • Garreth MacRieve – ruled over Lykae while Lachlain was imprisoned

  • Gisela – Succubus healer, aunt of Chloe Todd

  • Gouge – Demon, bully to Caspion the Tracker

  • Gourlav – Hell Demon, Primordial, "Father of Terrors, " was once handsome before being taken over by the Hell curse to assume his most monstrous form

  • Gram - Human grandmother of Thaddeus Brayden

  • Greta the Bold - Valkyrie born of a Furie, mother of Holly Ashwin

  • Grimslade - Demon

  • Groot the Metallurgist - half brother to Omort, can enchant metal

  • Harmann - shape-shifter, butler to Lachlain MacReive

  • Haxa - one of 3 witch Goddesses (see Hela and Hekate), Queen of False Faces

  • Heath MacRieve - youngest brother of Lacklain and Garreth MacRieve

  • Hekate - one of 3 witch Goddesses (see Hela and Hexa), balance of good and evil

  • Hela - one of 3 witch Goddesses (see Hekate and Hexa), maybe no longer good?

  • Helen of Troy - Valkyrie, bride of Demestriu, mother of Emmaline, deceased

  • Hettiah - Sorceress and half sister of Omort, can neutralize the power of other Loreans

  • Hild - legendary Fey archer, possible interest in Tera

  • Honorius - blind mystic who alters the Vrekener's scythe for Trehan

  • Holly Ashwin aka "Holly the Bright"- Valkyrie, "The Vessel," daughter of Greta, was given up for adoption as a child because she was thought to be human

  • Imatra - lore bar owner of The Sandbar, messenger for Groot

  • Ivana the Bold Daciano - Vampire, daughter of King Serghei, mother of Lothaire, deceased

  • Ivan the Cruel - Vampire Hoarde General

  • Izabel Carlotta Ambos - Human cook aboard Contessa

  • Jadian the Cold - Ice Fey, General of Icere

  • Jason - Vrekner Knight

  • Jels - Warlock

  • Jillian - Fey Druidess, mother of Mariketa

  • Josephine - Vampire/Phantom Hybrid - sister of Thaddeus Brayden

  • Joshua Peirce - brother of Elizabeth Pierce

  • Kaderin the Coldhearted - Valkyrie blessed by an unknown god/goddess to feel nothing after the death of her twin sisters

  • Kalev - Vampire, Forebearer, turned with the Wroths by Kristoff

  • Kali - Goddess of Empowerment

  • Kallen the Just - Demon Vampire Hybrid, Prince of Trothan

  • Karinna - Fey Princess of Sylvan, deceased

  • (Dr.) Kelli Dixon - sadistic head surgeon for The Order, in love with Declan Chase

  • Kareny aka "Ren" - destined Lykae mate of Munro MacRieve

  • Kolossos - Primordial Morior, earth shaker

  • Kosmina aka "Mina" - Vampire Princess of the Daci

  • Kristoff - Russian King of the Vampire Forebearers

  • Lacklain MacRieve - King of the Lykae, imprisoned for 100 years by the Vampire Hoarde, mate of Emmaline Troy

  • La Dorada - Sorceress, Queen of the Golds

  • Lamia - Goddess of Life and Fertility

  • Leyak - Demon Bounty Hunter, mentor to Caspion

  • Loa - Human Voodoo Priestess

  • Lothaire Daciano - Vampire Hoarde, "The Enemy of Old," mate of Elizabeth Pierce

  • Louis Robicheaux - ex boyfriend and murderer of Neomi Laress, may he rot in hell

  • Lucia the Huntress - Valkyrie archer who feels pain when she misses, mate of Garreth MacRieve

  • Lucindeya aka "Cindey" - Siren, closest competitor to Kaderin in the Talisman's Hie

  • Lukyan - Forbearer, devoid of fear

  • Madadh aka "Mad Dog" - Lykae master of the watch

  • Magh - Fey Queen of Sylvan, mother of Rune, deceased

  • Malaqui - Human captain of Barao Da Borracha

  • Malkom Slaine - Vemon/Dempire depending on which Valkyrie you ask, Trothan Army Commander

  • Marco - Vampire, scorned lover of Melanthe

  • Marcos Damiano - Jaguar Shifter, guardian of Rio Laybrinto

  • Mariah - Fey Princess and supposed first mate of Bowen MacRieve, deceased

  • Mariketa the Awaited - young witch who has not reached immortality, Queen of Reflections, mate of Bowen MacRieve

  • Markov - Forbearer turned with the Wroths by Kristoff

  • Mathar - King of the Deathly Ones, father of Bettina

  • Meduso - son of Medusa, competitor in tournament for crown of Abaddon

  • Melathe - Sorceress, Queen of Persuasion, half-sister of Omort, mate of Thronos Talos

  • Maliai - Dryad Nymph

  • Mia Woede - younger sister of The Woede brothers

  • Michael - human male protected by Cara the Fair

  • Mike Rowe - has a restraining order against Nix, who believes him to be her mate (and we ALL hope that he is!!!)

  • Mirceo Daciano - Vampire Prince of the Daci, mate of Caspion

  • Morgana - Queen of the Sorceri, enemy of La Dorada

  • Munro MacRieve - Lykae, one of the MacRieve brothers, MIA

  • Murdoch Wroth - second oldest Wroth brother, mate of Daniela the Ice Maiden

  • Myst the Coveted - Valkyrie cursed to wear the Brisingamen, whose holder can contol her, Bride of Nikolai Wroth

  • Natalya the Shadow - Dark Fey assassin, prisoner of The Order

  • Neomi Laress - Phantom ballerina, Bride of Conrad

  • Nereus - sea god with a large, ehem, spear...

  • Nieve - Ubus Succubus, cousin of Chloe Todd

  • Nikolai Wroth - Oldest (and most controlling) of the Wroth brothers, sworn to Kristoff, mate of Myst

  • Nix the Ever-Knowing, Proto-Valkyrie aka "Nucking Futs Nix" - soothsayer who is desperately trying to steer the next Accession, we really hope mate of Mike Rowe

  • Nylson Woede - older brother of Rydstrom and Cadeon, deceased

  • Olya - Human mistress of Vampire Hoarde King Stefanovich

  • Omort the Deathless - Sorcerer, son of Elisabet (the previous Vessel), half-brother of Sabine, Melanthe, and Groot, stole the Rothkalina throne from Rydstrom, cannot be killed with fire or beheading

  • Orion the Undoing - leader of the Morior, amplifies all of their abilities

  • Pogerth - Pus Demon and minion of Groot the Metallurgist

  • Portia - Sorceress, Queen of Stone, lover of Emberine

  • Preston Webb - Commander of The Order, probably the biggest twat waffle of the entire series

  • Puck - Rage Demon, friend of Sabine

  • Raum - Death Demon, Grand Duke, godfather of Bettina

  • Regin the Radiant - Valkyrie, last living member of the Radiant Ones who were all killed by The Hoarde, habitual prankster and mate of Aidan the Fierce (deceased)

  • Riora - Goddess of Impossibility, hostess of The Talisman's Hie

  • Rika - Valkyrie, twin of Kaderin and Dasha

  • Rodrigo Gamboa - Human Demon Hybrid and Columbian drug lord

  • Rok - Smoke Demon, second to Cade, constantly being summoned by lovers aka "swimbos" (she who must be obeyed)

  • Ronan - Lykae fostered by Munro after his family was killed by Ghouls

  • Ronath the Armorer - Demon traitor of Trothan

  • Ruby - three-caste witch, ward of Carrow and Malkom

  • Lady Ruelle - Succubus who tricked Uolleam to believe she was his mate

  • Rune Darklight - Demon Dark Fey Hybrid - Morior, mate of Josephine

  • Rurik - Forbearer turned with the Wroths

  • Ruth Pierce - mother of Elisabeth Pierce

  • Rydstrom Woede - King of Rothkalina, mate of Sabine

  • Sabine - Sorceri Queen of Illusions, mate of Rydstrom

  • Saetthan - Fey King of Sylvan, half brother of Rune

  • Salem - Phantom, servant of Bettina

  • Saroh - Goddess of the Jinn

  • Saroya - Former Goddess, Soul Reaper

  • Sebastian Wroth - Vampire turned by his brothers against his will, scholar, totally simping for his mate Kaderin and we approve

  • Serghei - former Vampire King of the Daci, grandfather of Lothaire, deceased

  • Sigmund - King of the Icere, assassinated Svana for the throne

  • Skathi - Goddess of the Hunt, presides over the Council of Goddesses

  • Slucumb (Priest) - Human who tries to exorcise Saroya from Elizabeth Pierce

  • Sneethy - exiled criminal Demon

  • Stefanovich - former King of Vampire Horde

  • Stelian - Vampire Prince of the Daci

  • Svana the Great - Queen of Icere Fey, mother of Daniela the Ice Maiden, deceased

  • Tarut - Dream demon

  • Tera - Fey archer, protects Mariketa when they get trapped in the Talisman's Hie by Bowen MacRieve

  • Thaddeus Brayden - Phantom Vampire

  • Thronos Talos - King of the Vrekeners, mate of Melanthe

  • Tierney - Fey archer, brother of Tera

  • Tim - human scum, asshat, cheater, ex-boyfriend of Holly Ashwin (see I told you there would be spoilers)

  • Trehan Daciano - Vampire Prince of the Daci, assassin, mate of Bettina

  • Tymur the Allegiant - Vampire who holds Helvita for the next king (they require a bloodline heir)

  • Uilleam MacRieve - Lykae twin of Munro, mate of Chloe Todd

  • Uthyr - Dragon Shifter, Primordial Morior

  • Lord Velees - Praevus Centaur

  • Viceroy - Vampire ruler over the Demon realm Oblivion

  • Viktor - Prince of Daci, last of the House of War

  • Volos - Praevus Centaur King

  • Wally aka "The Wall" - Human gang leader

  • Warren - Warlock, father of Mariketa

  • Whope - Goddess of Peace

  • Woden - Father of the Valkyrie, known for cunning

  • Wyatt Travis - Captain of the Contessa

  • Zoe Woede - younger sister of Rydstrom and Cadeon

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