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Dreadful Company by Vivian Shaw

Trouble has found Dr. Greta Helsing again. At a conference in Paris, she gets kidnapped by a coven of very tropey vampires. Is tropey a word? If not, I am making it one for the sheer tropeyness of this coven. Black velvet clothes, dyed black hair, and body glitter of all things. These idiots have taken things much too far in all manners of speaking, and their leader has an eye for vengeance on Ruthven. He decides on Greta as his means.

But Greta is no ordinary human. After all that she has been through, she can rely on herself to find a way out of this mess. She will wait for no heroic undead to come and save her.

Greta doesn't show up at the airport. Varney is afraid that perhaps he is misreading what's between them. But Greta is not the time to stand people up, so he pushes through his self-loathing and calls Ruthven. How will he get her back? And will she ever feel the same way towards vampires after her ordeal?

Ruthven has had a bad feeling. But the last time he got a bad feeling, the worst that happened was a parking ticket, so you'll forgive Greta for not listening to him when he left her in Paris with that same bad feeling. And now he's desperate to get her back.

The narrator does a much better job in this audible book with pauses between chapters, but still has some room to work on her acting. Greta's voice is often far too calm for the situation. But again, the writer of this series has such a fun attitude about supernatural creatures, and I enjoyed it immensely. The next book will be released on Sep 24, 2019 and I am definitely adding it to my TBR!

4/5, will definitely purchase the next one.

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