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Dark Age by Pierce Brown

Publisher/date: Del Rey; 1st Edition (July 30, 2019)

Genre: Dystpian Sci-fi

Rating: M

Ok folks, time for a trigger warning. I'm not really a triggered person but I am a mom, and without giving too much away, I need to warn you that this book portrays some very difficult to read violence against children. Reader beware.

"Well, here I am, you deviant bitch. Here I bloody am. The motherfucking consequence." -Darrow of Lykos

God, fucking dammit Dave. (Pierce)

Alright, I'll at least give him that I was less hopeless reading this book. Darrow has begun digging himself out of the FREAKING MINE he's dug (see what I did there) and I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Darrow continues waging his war on Mercury as an outlaw.

I became very attached to some new faces. Pax and Electra become an intrinsic part of the story as they continue their epic escape from kidnapping with Ephriam.

Virginia fights to keep her crumbling demokracy together while desperately trying to save her husband and son from afar.

Lyria becomes the pivotal Red in this story with a couple of unlikely but badass allies, creating a team of women NOBODY sane wants to mess with.

And of course I grew to both hate and understand Lysander a bit more. Though if this book ever gets made into a series I think that actor may be doomed to play a pretty villain forever, because the hate intrinsic to that character would run DEEP.

OK, I lied when I said that I thought the last book emotionally destroyed me, but Pierce Brown twisted the knife. Three more times. I'm now dead, but the ghost of me will be reading book 6 when it comes out. Now to find a live person to turn the pages for me...

6/5. My blog, my rules.

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