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This is one of my most favorite sets. I adore a naked cover and foiling, PLUS sprayed edges and stunning end papers? I have no idea why these are so affordable. I'm still working on the set, so let me know if you find any I haven't!

A Christmas Carol 9781587265334

A Midsummer Night's Dream and Other Comedies 9781587265143

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 9781587265488

Alice in Wonderland 9781587265327

Don Quixote 9781587265433

Grimm's Fairy Tales 9781587265457

Jungle Books 9781587265464

King Arthur & The Knights of His Court 9781587265006

Little Women 9781587265426

Major Tales & Poems 9781587265303

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood 9781587265471

Pride and Prejudice 9781587265150

Robinson Crusoe 9781587265440

Sherlock Holmes 9781587265310

Swiss Family Robinson 9781587265495

The Three Musketeers 9781587265341

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1 Comment

Would love more pics of the rest of the covers you have! I myself have 5 books from this collection and have been searching the internet for what the rest look like. Hoping to collect more myself.

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