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Best Actually Useful Gifts for Book Lovers

Alright, let's get this out of the way. The best thing to buy for a bookish person is BOOKS. Start with their favorite author. Maybe a boxed set. Or a gift card to their local independent bookstore. After you've exhausted those options, here are some other things your favorite bookworm will love.

1. Booklight - every reader needs a good booklight, for those late night reading marathons!

2. Book sleeves - to carry books around without worrying about damage

3. Book tote - to shop for more books

4. Bookshelves - because a book lover can never have a big enough library

5. Bookends to hold up their book haul

6. Bookmarks. Duh.

7. A book mug, to drink coffee or tea while reading

8. Or wine...

9. A cool case for their reading glasses

10. A fake book to store DVDs, because shelf space should be for books!

11. A bath caddy, to read in the bath in style

12. A personal library kit, to keep their books organized

13. A really comfy reading chair

14. A book page holder, these are great for everyone, but especially good for people like me, who have arthritis in their hands!

15. A library scented candle. This one is my favorite!

16. Handmade soap inspired by Jane Austen novels. Use TATTB10 to get 10% off!

17. A gorgeous book fold for their shelves! Use TATTB15 for 15% off!

18. Noise cancelling headphones, to drown out background noise or listen to audiobooks!

19. A really cozy blanket. For reading in comfort

20. Let's go back to the books, just one more time. MORE BOOKS!!!

These are all things I have and love and use. Hopefully I've given you some inspiration for the book lover in your life.

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