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A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Mass

We're going to do this a little differently. I live tweeted my review of this book as I read it, you can find it here: It was really fun, and if anyone likes it, anyone at all, I will probably do it again!

My feelings a couple chapters in:

"Does anyone else now hate Tamlin? I mean, Feyre has some serious PTSD and he ignores it and essentially keeps her a plush prisoner. AND I DON'T LIKE IT. I can't say that I immediately liked Rhys in the first book, but I understood his motives at the end and thought he was a good guy. Now it's clear that he has her best interests in mind and yet she still hates him and doesn't see what Tamlin is doing is wrong!!! Sarah J is making me ANGRY. Good books always do give me all the feels. I love Rhys, hate Tamlin, and want to slap her for being so naive. And hug her for being so broken.

And are we just going to ignore the fact that Tamlin almost blasted her to smithereens and she blocked herself? Remember, HE DID NOT BLOCK HER. I really don't like this guy, I'm 100% team Rhys."

My spoiler-free feelings at the end:

"Tamlin is the worst and most disgusting creature in Prythian or the human realm, and I hate him more than the King of Hyburn. He should rot in an eternal hell, or possible have his eye cut out and locked in a ring for a few centuries. But also Feyre should cut his heart out and eat it with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

I now love Feyre's sister, snake as she may be. I will not tell you why, and you may even get to the end and disagree with me, but I'm with her. I will be the Fenrys to her Aelin. And also, yeah, I totally saw that coming."

Everyone says that this is the best book in the series, so I'm actually a little reluctant to read the next one. However, I shall forge ahead into the night and read, dark though the next book may be, I shall carry hope that SJM will not fail me.

5/5, one of my top reads this year! Also, Sarah J Maas is the f*$ing QUEEN.

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